What was the research methodology in establishing your recommendation for the formula?

We conducted an extensive review of hundreds of research studies on how nutritional deficiencies were associated with pregnancy complications and infant health problems and reviews of many clinical trials of the benefits of supplementation. The Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) establishes a minimum recommended level from all sources and The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) establishes average intake from foods. The difference is what needs to be consumed in a supplement, on average. The Neurological Health Foundation generally recommends more than the difference between the RDA and the NHANES based on the standard American diet and the high Tolerable Upper Limits of most vitamins and minerals. In some cases our recommendations will exceed the RDA based on additional research studies and clinical trials which demonstrated an increased need for those nutrients during pregnancy and benefits from higher levels of those vitamins and minerals.


We selected the most bio-available forms of each nutrient to help your body digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently. The result is a comprehensive program designed to provide optimal nutrition based on the standard American diet.

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