Do your diapers contain any phthalates or dyes?

Thanks for reaching out. Apologies if our site is confusing we certainly do not have phalates in our diapers. Please let me know if you see otherwise. In terms of dyes, I can assure you that the percentage of ink printed on the diaper is less than <0.5% and made with no lead or heavy metals. We only utilize a minimal amount of dye to indicate to parents the sizing of our diapers. We are actively making efforts to minimize that <0.5% even more. Each and every material used in our diaper has gone through rigorous lab testing, down to the tiniest pigment of dye. Our diaper is free of over 4,412 ingredients banned by the EWG and known to have associated health risks. We also do not include anything in our diaper that would add unnecessary chemicals (such as a wetness indicator!) The result is a remarkably soft and thin diaper that cradles baby safely.

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