Wet Wipes vs Dry Wipes

Using wet or dry wipes is really personal preference. The wet wipes are embossed (meaning they have a quilted texture to them), which really helps for effectiveness. People love how well our wet wipes clean up messes, and they are super soft and thick. The wet wipes are definitely more convenient, as they come with the liquid already on them.  


The dry wipes are different in that you would add filtered water at home. Parents usually make a few wipes at once or just make one-two wipes during the baby's diaper change. Needing to add your own water makes the dry wipes less convenient, however some people like to have this option as it's just water and cotton, and it's closer to being 'homemade.' The dry wipes are also smaller in their dimension (the wipe itself is a bit smaller). Some parents like to use wet wipes when they are out and about, and use dry wipes if they are changing their baby's diaper at home. 

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