Confusion on pricing and diaper options

Our bundles are designed to be flexible so you can choose what works best for your family! This is why you may notice some differences in pricing, as it is dependent on the selections you make. For your convenience here are the price comparisons!


1 time bundle

Monthly Subscription 

5 Packs of Our Diaper (with sticky tabs, available in sizes 1-6)  



4 Packs of Wet Wipes  



No Wipes



4 Packs of Our Pull Up Style Diaper (available in sizes 3-6)

4 Packs of Wet Wipes  



No Wipes




Note that our subscription is flexible - you can skip your delivery or cancel at any time, change your diaper size, add other products to your delivery or move it up if you are running low on diapers or wipes!  As a subscriber, you also get access to our groundbreaking developmental education series, personalized for your baby's age. 

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